Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nephew Watch 2011 Begins

I am going to be a pile of emotions in this month of November as we wait for my nephew (my only brother's son) to arrive... on the opposite side of the world (NZ). I think the due-date is Nov. 22, but the emails exchanged among the family (them, my parents, SIL's parents and us) are already getting all involved with the expectation of Dani's birth. It was reading such an email from my mom to them that prompted me to come write this post.

In just a few days my sister-in-law's parents will travel to New Zealand and my parents will stay behind, longing so much to go, but waiting patiently until March that is when they're finally going. And I don't have the least idea of when I'm going to meet my dear nephew. My brother didn't get to meet Kelvin until he was 1 year 9 months old and Linton when he was 8 months old... that's how it is when we live so far apart. I wish I could find a way ($$$$) to go to Brazil next year for Xmas and New Year's, but it's the most expensive time of the year to travel, when travel is already horribly expensive year round.

Well... maybe there'll be a miracle. Maybe teaching 40 kids in my class will help me make enough to save for that. The problem is... going to Brazil twice in one year sounds awfully wasteful (if wonderful!). Let's see. Maybe I should make this one of my "new year's dreams" hahaha...

My nephew's coming, wasn't he my main new year's dream? Yes, he was!

P.S. Never mind that my last wish was to post more than 365 times. Ha ha! I've since downgraded that to 243+ and that seems attainable enough. "Lowered Expectations!"

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