Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Doin' It!

(In fact, I've been "doin' it" for better or for worse (see below) for nearly seven years!

Earlier today (when I was busy cooking lunch for 25 undergratuates -- it went great, BTW, it looks like they enjoyed my food!) Laura (Apt. 11D) published the first post in her "All About Blogging" series: "Just Do It!"

Her post is really interesting and full of advice for people who are starting to blog or already blog. The first item made me cringe a bit when I realized that seven years later I'm still doing rookie mistakes in this silly little blog of mine (hello?! writing about family?! STUPID me!), but I think I've learned my lesson once and for all (I hope). And I obviously won't blog what happened, or probably even talk about it in real life, if you know what I mean. By the way, most of the time I blog about my sons I ask their permission: my oldest reads the posts about him before I publish. The little one is über embarrassed by anything and everything, right now, so I try to write about him very sparingly. My long-suffering husband understands "my bloggy ways" as Laura put it and never says anything about me blogging about our life -- I think he copes by simply not reading the blog. Bless his heart. And it is by his request that I remain semi-anonymous here in the blog and don't disclose our location and employer.

I'm glad that she said that the design of the blog doesn't much matter because I don't really have the time and energy to change mine right now.

And last, but not least... I didn't have a job for SIX of the last seven years, so that wasn't a problem. I blogged intensely about writing my dissertation and about my flaky advisor. My husband is still worried about that, but I really don't mind if he read what I wrote if he ever found my blog. He was very bad. Period. So... now that I kind of have a job (not a real  job, as you know, I'm only an adjunct), I don't ever write about it, obviously. I would have to be 100% pseudonymous to do that. I even created that blog, but I don't have the time for it and the issues involved in adjuncting are really depressing to blog about.

So... yeah, I've been doing it. Not hugely successfully, but OK. I'm happy with my blog because it makes me a saner person.

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