Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sickness, Sleeplessness, Tea...

If my son weren't sick, I wouldn't be awake now. You see? I had to bring him along to the university today and on our way back to pick up his brother, he was starving. When we stopped to buy him a slice of pizza at 3 pm, I decided to order iced tea. Big mistake! I hardly ever drink caffeinated drinks without a good reason (e.g. during moving times when I stay up all night every night for a week packing) and the result is that I'm still up and alert.

I stay up late every night, but I'm generally not as alert as I am now.

The worse part? I have tons of things to do (very boring things like revising a test for my students and grading, grading, grading) and I have done NONE of them in the several hours I've been sitting at the computer. And what about that resolution? :(

Well, I hope my son is better tomorrow and that I can do all I need to do during my day. Including that pesky grading. :(

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