Saturday, October 15, 2011

I need to sleep

Night after night... long after the boys have gone to sleep and, most nights, after K has also gone and I've said to him as he left the office (which is right across from our bedroom), "I'll be right there," but I don't go. I follow the siren songs of blogs or twitter or, at times, depressing facebook.

I need to stop that. I know it's worse for me because of the ADHD and, cyclically, I've heard that web surfing actually makes ADHD worse. :(

I still want to try and post more than 242 times this year, but I also want to get more sleep and, most importantly, get my work done efficiently (I have TONS to grade right now). So... I am writing this post as a kind of pledge. Because going to bed every single night at 1:30 am is not a good thing.

I know I'm a night person and I truly enjoy having sometime to myself late at night, but I have to spend more time with my dear husband, who's doing working so, so hard this semester and helping me out so much at home too.

So... dear internets, here's my pledge: I want to sleep more and spend less useless time online. Because writing a blog post is not useless, but reading stupid facebook updates is. Agreed?

Thanks for listening!!

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