Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dragon Moms...

Have you heard about "Dragon Moms"? Earlier this year we heard lots about Tiger Moms and there are many of kinds of parents that the media talks about, helicopter parents/moms, free-range parents/moms...

But nothing can be more heartbreaking than to be a dragon mom/parent... to know for sure that you are going to lose your child. Rapp writes, "How do you parent without a net, without a future, knowing that you will lose your child, bit by torturous bit?"

It is depressing, devastating,
But not without wisdom, not without a profound understanding of the human experience or without hard-won lessons, forged through grief and helplessness and deeply committed love about how to be not just a mother or a father but how to be human.
and, Rapp reflects:
I will never be a tiger mom. The mothers and fathers of terminally ill children are something else entirely. Our goals are simple and terrible: to help our children live with minimal discomfort and maximum dignity. 
In the end, though... her deepest truth is the same for all parents: all we can do is to love our child(ren) today.

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