Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Snowing in October!!!!

Remember when I mentioned that yesterday was nice and warm?

Well... not for long and this time I knew because -- for once -- I'd checked the forecast, I just didn't think it would really happen like predicted!

So today "winter" came with a vengeance. There were really cold temperatures and... who knew? Snow in October! I think I experienced this only once or twice in my 15 years in the U.S. Both times in Massachusetts... (I don't remember exactly, but the earliest snow we experienced was Oct. 16 and it was way less than an inch -- it looks like we might get more).

I will most certainly take pictures in the morning and try to share them ASAP.

Today I winterized the house... put the glass up in three of our storm doors that have glass panels in front of the screen and changed our bedding into the "winter" one (photos later). I just didn't finish winterizing the backyard -- I need to cut back a lot of plants. I still have several flowering mums and several green tomatoes (I should have picked those, right?! stupid me!).

In any case, we had to drive to town for a meeting tonight and on the way back when it was already snowing, my seven-year-old exclaimed: "Look outside, it's snowing! We have to put up the Christmas lights!" Well... not so fast, sweetie! The boys are really excited about the holidays, especially because we're going to Florida for 10 days with all or K's family! The 7 grandkids: 6 boys, one girl.

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