Saturday, October 15, 2011

Water or Milk?

One of these days I was changing clothes* and my youngest walked by and pointed to my breasts and laughingly said "Water! Water! that's where I used to drink!" and I think I responded saying something like, "Yeah... you like to remember the time when you used to nurse, don't you?!"

Well... it was not until the next day that I remembered this post from six years and nine days (!!) ago and I thought it was positively hilarious that six years later, my son is still referring to breastmilk as water!! (this time in English). I was telling K about it and saying... yeah, I didn't correct him this time like six years ago, saying it's milk, not water. I guess I've given up trying to convince him about that! (and I need to say, for the record, that I'm pretty sure that my son eventually talked about my milk as "milk" and not water at some point before he was weaned at age 3).

Sometimes I miss my babies a little bit and whine that I want another one, but when I think about it in more depth and detail, I realize that I probably couldn't handle having a baby now. I just wish I could be closer to my new nephew that's arriving next month all the way across the world so I could enjoy a brand new baby without actually having one. :( 

I just watched the beautiful and moving video that my sister-in-law's friends made for her baby shower... I cried so much! And talking about milk, I hope SIL is able to breastfeed my nephew. The worst part about this nephew is not knowing when I'm going to get to meet him. Payback time. My brother didn't meet my son until he was 21 months old. :( I will never forget that day... and I'm sure the day I get to meet Danny will be unforgettable too (I may not write nephew's name here again because I don't know what my brother thinks of that). 

Now, should I bring up the water/milk discussion with the 7 year old again? Nah... I think I'll let that one slide again... after all, he hasn't changed that much since he was 16 months old! ;)

* yes, I do change clothes in front of my children and, on occasion, walk around the house undressed. I know a lot of parents are uncomfortable, but that's now how it was with my own mom in our family.  

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