Friday, October 28, 2011

171 Bulbs Planted!

Yesterday was a very warm day (considering it's mid-late autumn), with temperatures in the mid-60s. It was also windy and it looked like it might start raining at any minute in the afternoon, but I spent several hours (the strenuous work I referred to in my previous post) planting dozens of bulbs. I worked until it was dark, about 8 pm.

This is what I planted:
96 bulbs of mixed-color tulips (my favorite flowers, period, ok, together with wild red poppies);
50 bubs of Dutch iris (my favorite kind, of Monet's paintings' fame), and
25 crocuses (which I think are cute).

I would have planted more if I had bought more (I bought them over a month ago), but then I would have run out of time too since I knew today it would get cold and it did. Not only that, but... well, subject to the next post! I'm already planning to plant more next year, but now I'm relieved and happy that I got them planted before it was too late.

I had never planted bulbs in such an organized fashion -- I cleaned the plots from old mulch, distributed the bulbs where I wanted to plant them and them I dug each hole and planted each one. This was inspired by what I saw landscapers do one morning in front of (of all stores!) Walmart in town. I guess I'm a visual learner and I had to see it done to understand how these flower plots around town and shopping centers look just so good. I hope my garden looks good too! I'll share photos next April!

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