Sunday, October 23, 2011

Better, but not so much at night

I was feeling optimistic about my back pain last night, so I decided not to take medication and not to use the heating pad and while I was able to sleep with the help of K, my dear human heating pad, :) I still felt pain all night and tossed and turned (I sleep on my side).

At 5 am I got up to a very chilly house, went to the kitchen to drink water, and put the heating pad on my back when I got back to bed, but still felt pain (and had several weird dreams).

At 8 am, frustrated, in pain, and still sleepy I sat up in bed, wondering whether there was a way to sleep sitting up when I remembered a detail -- to put a pillow between my legs (in addition to the heating pad) and then I had a lovely, painless 1h hour of sleep, woo-hoo! I feel refreshed enough to get to work and try to catch up to all the house-work I didn't do all week because I was in so much pain. I hope it'll be a productive Sunday!

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kate said...

Oh dear. Can you see a doctor if it doesn't get better? I'm glad the pillow trick worked, but maybe there is something different that you could do to prevent this. Good luck!