Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still Can't Sleep Well

It's been a week since my lower back pain started and I am still longing for a painless night of sleep... (sigh).

I know that it will eventually come since I already feel soooo much better (virtually no pain during the day). I wonder if it would be a good idea to see a doctor, though. My right hip, which had already been bothering me before, but with localized (and brief) pain, is where it hurts the most when I'm laying down and the pain  kind of radiates to the rest of the lower back a bit.

Sorry to be bothering you with this again! It's just that I'm beginning to dread going to sleep and I feel it's not right to have to sleep with a heating pad and still feel some pain.

I will try to have cheerier subjects tomorrow, but now I have to go read the book I'm teaching in the morning and... try to go to sleep. Wish me luck!

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