Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is just so beautiful... "Milímetro" by Daniela Araújo

This... absurdly talented young woman is married to K's "second" cousin (who is also absolutely and wonderfully talented). After I heard her single (released by Sony music Gospel in Brazil) I was desperately, anxiously waiting for her first, brand new CD (in the making for years and years) to arrive from Brazil, but today I found out that the songs are available on YouTube. Pure delight. And I've only listened to three of them.

She wrote the music & lyrics to this song that is the introduction of the CD (I learned from here --> in Portuguese). The strings were recorded in Prague. ETA: Detail: Daniela also does the arrangements [orchestrations] and overviews every single detail of the production. That's part of the reason it took so long for her album to be ready (and affording it too).

Milímetro                                          Millimeter

Pode ficar, se tiver que ficar           You can stay, if you have to stay
Pode ir, se tiver que partir              You can go, if you need to leave
Estou sem medo de reestruturar          I'm not afraid of re-structuring
Minha vida a partir do partir                My life based on the leaving
Tudo está a se repetir                         Everything is repeating
Nada é novo por aqui                         Nothing is new here
Como um milímetro de um segundo   Like a millimeter of a second
É a minha existência no mundo           Is my existence in the world
Tudo está a se repetir                         Everything is repeating
Tudo está a se repetir                         Everything is repeating
Nada é novo para Ti                           Nothing is new to You

Edited to add:
This one is even better:

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