Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I found a therapist I like!

I had never looked for a therapist* before, but tonight, I thought I'd google the local town plus "Adult ADHD" and I found a nice website (Psychology Today) that gave me a list of local providers, including their photos, bios (written by them), specialties, etc. Very comprehensive! I really like one of them, who seems to be perfect even in the detail that s/he also pastoral/spiritual care, which is important to me.

S/he offers a complimentary phone consultation and maybe I'll take advantage of that, in spite of the fact that I really dread talking on the phone with strangers (one more reason for therapy!!). You know... I think I'm seriously considering doing therapy. Maybe then my blog won't be clogged with overly long my "issues/cheap therapy" posts, right?

I'm excited/apprehensive. Let's see if I'll find the courage to contact hir. (I don't know exactly why I'm going all gender neutral on this therapist... whatever ;).

* why, oh why, do you call them "shrinks" here in this country? (or, maybe other Anglophone countries? What do I know?) I only learned that word while watching Before Sunrise.


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It does seem to be American in derivation and not more broadly anglophone

Lilian said...

Thanks, Anastasia!!