Sunday, October 02, 2011

New "Bloggy" Goal -- Beat Last Year's Number of posts: 1/114

The only way to write more posts this year than I did last year (one of my New Year's "resolutions") will be posting 114 more times. Too bad that there are only three more months to this year, so posting daily can only yield 92 posts. This means I will have to write every day and also post multiple times for a few of them. Sigh... These will be my private "National Blog Posting Months," then, October, November and December, 2011. 

I will try, even if it means posting a whole lot of photos! ;) 

Do you think I can do it? Or is this just the silliest goal ever? I usually have tons of things to write about & can't seem to shut up, but I think I'll need some help -- is there anything you'd like me to blog about in the upcoming 113 posts?

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