Monday, October 24, 2011


There are mice in my office right now and there were mice in the office across the hall from ours a few weeks ago. I actually saw where it lives -- inside the heater -- when a colleague (who has self-nominated herself our official exterminator) came and lifted up the cover. When the tiny little mouse moved, I screamed and the office mate that was there (there are seven of us, but only three at a time, usually) lifted up her feet.

I don't keep any food there, but I have a hotpot, disposable cups, napkins, tea and a box of hot chocolate pouches. I hid as many of those items as I could in a desk drawer and put the cups up high on a shelf. A trap has been set up, but I'm not excited at the prospect of sharing the office with these tiny, but undesirable office mates.

Remember the time when we watched Ratatouille and the next morning we saw a mouse in our kitchen? Sigh... I don't think it's fun to have to share living/working spaces with rodents! I hope they don't come into our house again. Maybe our farm cats will be good hunters (my heart breaks for the birds they may one day kill, though...).

I will always feel a little uncomfortable in my office from now on... :(


jo(e) said...

We've got mice in the building where I work. We keep any kind of food inside tins.

Rose said...

The mice will eat the hot chocolate, no matter how high you store it.

Lilian said...

Rose, the hot chocolate pouches were in their box (closed) in that office for over six months and they were untouched. They are inside a metal drawer, completely closed, inside my desk. If they were not found/eaten earlier, I doubt they will be eaten now.

It's the cups that are on the high shelf.