Sunday, February 17, 2008

R@tatouille, Unbelievable Timing, or My Cat is Useless!

So last night we (K and I) finally watched R@tatouille (and let me say it before hand that I thought it was kind of funny that pieces about this film had to explain for readers/viewers about one of my favorite dishes ever since some might have no idea what the title meant) and...

... guess what?

This morning the boys and my husband spotted a tiny mouse in the family room. YIKES! I was still in bed trying to catch some more ZZZs but I had to get up (more like jumping out of bed) with I heard about the mouse. Both my parents (who happen to be here) can't stand mice and are actually "afraid" of them (there are several funny family stories about this, the most famous having to do with them getting on top of a table and, on another occasion, locking themselves up in the bathroom while the woman who lived with us out killed the mouse) so... I can't stand them either. They couldn't find the mouse and when they tried to get the cat to help, he didn't do much.

It was not until a few minutes ago that the mouse appeared again, this time behind the kitchen trash can and as I began to type this post, my husband and the boys (with my dad trying to overcome his aversion to help) corralled the tiny animal. We got the cat, who was sleeping behind the couch, to wake up and brought him to the kitchen, but he did nothing!! Oh well... I guess he's getting "old" (seven years next month). So... K finally smashed it with his foot and he was just here to show me the tiny animal wrapped in a paper napkin. UGH!! YUCK! And Linton and Kelvin thought he was cute. As much as I think that mice are vermin that need to be eliminated, I can't stand the thought of killing any animals. I do smash bugs and I kind of feel guilty afterwards. And what bothers me about this one tiny mouse is the thought that its family must be around somewhere and needs to be eliminated! Yikes!

Well, anyway... I had no idea how to label this post so I put it under "firsts" since it's the first mouse in this house (we had some at our first house in MA).

OK, in a slightly off note, I now have to buy the ingredients to prepare the baked r@tatouille dish featured in the film that must be just absolutely yummy!!

P.S. the link above is to a French young woman's blog, the actual recipe by Thom@s Keller that inspired the film's can be found in the NY Times.


Rene said...

How sad. I'm not scared of mice, but I don't think I could kill one with my foot either. (And I don't imagine that my cat would be much help, especially since she doesn't have her front claws.)

The vegetable dish sounds delicious. I've been experimenting more in the kitchen recently and may have to try it.

Oh, and feel free to send chapters my way if you need an extra editor.

Aliki2006 said...

Oh, poor mouse. We've dealt with many and find it pretty easy to trap one by dropping a bucket or container over it--no need to kill it, poor thing!

I hope the dish turns out well--I haven't seen the film yet, but heard it's quite good.

Juliet said...

I don't like mice. I don't the thought of anything small and fast scampering around the house? Or flying. Remember the bat we had last summer?

Zee said...

Ewww, did he smashed it with his foot? Oh my goodness! I have 4 cats here...another day, Tobias, the blue eyed one, saw a mouse outside the window eating bird food. I feed the birds...he was so crazy, meowing a lot!
And also another day in the pet shop, all the rabbits and mice giving birth! Actually they had their babies in those aquariums. Baby mice that I could not count. Too many. Eeeewwwww. The poor mommy laying there feeding the creatures...really amazing!
Thanks for visiting that day and if you have news about your friends, let me know!!!

Ana said...

Hi I found your blog on bilingual/bicultural family network. Very interesting blog indeed!

What a brave soul to kill the mouse with his foot! Yikes. I'm glad it is gone though. That recipe looks delish!

Anyway, I enjoyed stopping by and will visit again. YOu can find me at