Sunday, December 07, 2014

The More the Merrier!! Family's Coming!

A much expected visit has already been scheduled for the second week/end of January since March, when "K2" -- my brother-in-law -- and his family moved to Egypt. You may recall that we lived only a couple of hours from them for ten years and got together frequently. My youngest son and their eldest are only 4 months apart, so our children were very close and enjoyed the relative proximity of the cousins. So we've been looking forward to that precious week in January for months now -- too bad it will coincide with the boys' second week back in school and our first week of work! It will be CRAZY!! :-(

The great news is that last night we found out that "K3" and his family will be able to visit in January as well! This morning he bought their tickets to coincide with K2's family's visit!! YAY!! K3 and his wife* were blessed with the only girl in the family,** in addition to an older son who shares my birthday and the last three letters of my name. ;-) 

I can't wait for January and, most importantly, I really, really need to finish the translation so I can fully enjoy their visit. I feel much better about it after I worked on it some on Friday and realized that it won't be that hard! I also received encouraging emails from the technical writer of the company who hired me, so I think I can at least imagine (if not quite see) the light at the end of the tunnel! 

OK, so I should stop blogging and get to work, right? And I'll do that after I hang some clothes to dry (in the cold, but sunny and windy day) and do another load of laundry! 

* This is my adventurous SIL, who is incomparably more hard-core than me! ;-) [I wrote that because  for whatever reason I thought she'd be in an adventurous trip with her friend and wouldn't join us].

** My in-laws have 4 sons, 7 grandsons & 1 grand-daughter!

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Heidi said...

I love that part..."at least imagine (if not quite see) the light at the end of the tunnel."