Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

In Brazil Christmas is "done" by now -- everyone celebrates on the 24th, many opening the presents at midnight (some earlier) or going to midnight mass.

So it's interesting to go through my facebook feed and see captions of photos from Brazil (also Argentina & Chile) saying that "Christmas 2014 was nice" and photos of my American friends saying that "Christmas is almost here." Clashing cultures, clashing worlds, I'll always inhabit both, always divided.

Our Christmas was pretty quiet (I'm writing another post about it in a few minutes, I hope) and low-key. We had a relatively good number of presents, considering that it was only the four of us I did nearly all of the shopping and K only bought three things for me at the last minute.

We spent the day getting ready to travel early tomorrow. Getting the house cleaned, taking the house key to the lady who will come get food for the cats, packing our bags and the presents to take to our friends and family there.

I cooked a simple meal of veggie stroganoff, rice, green beans and salad and we ate it around 7 pm after talking to some family members in Brazil.

Before opening presents we spent a LONG time taking photos to match those of ten years ago (really silly stuff documented in "worst photo" books and websites) and then we opened them and didn't have time to enjoy them because we needed to get ready to travel. :-(

BTW, starting in 2002 when Kelvin was a 9 month old we opened presents in the morning for several Christmases here with K's family (whenever it was at our house and at K2 & family), but in Brazil we always do it in the evening and we did that this year because of the trip.

I hope all my blog friends who celebrate Christmas had/will have a lovely time with your family and friends!

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