Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Interstellar -- pretty Interesting! :-)

(pun intended)

So we saw Interstellar yesterday in an IMAX theater (that's why we had to drive an hour there and back) because K really wanted to see it.

I had read nothing about it before going, so it was fascinating and at the same time utterly frustrating to go into a movie not having the least idea of what it is about -- except for the title and the name of some actors.

It's not at all my kind of movie, so I was underwhelmed at times (especially with the storytelling in the beginning), but the images of space are stunning! The sound in the theater felt way too loud a lot of the time, but the contrast between the loudness of the action and the silence of space is AMAZING.

The organ (and orchestral) music was masterfully done, I must say, and while the plot seems weak and full of holes in the beginning, later on it becomes complex and full of layers, so much so that we so many unanswered questions that we had to spend quite a bit of time online reading about the plot twists and possibilities. (I do think it was less complex than Inception, also by Christopher Nolan and which I totally loved).

I think it was worth seeing it in IMAX -- the first feature film I've seen in IMAX! I did see all of the original IMAX documentaries in the Air & Space Museum back in 1993 and then over the years (e.g. Everest, Louis & Clark) and this summer all of the IMAX features currently playing in the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

 Here is the first trailer:
And the third:

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