Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Slightly Depressed

New Year Eves were generally nostalgic days for me back when I was a tween/teen, then they became kind of Blah & OK, but today I'm slightly depressed.

This morning we found out about unexpected/unintended expenses from our trip and I kept feeling down because we came back from a quick trip to meet with friends & family to be all by ourselves in the cold after being in warm Florida. Then I found out my cousin felt sick after eating some food I cooked, so I'm not very happy right now. :-(

All is well, we have a nice cozy house and a happy family, but it's just kind of sad to be all by ourselves for a major holiday like this. Even if it's just an "arbitrary" kind of celebration, the end of an year and the beginning of another one. OK, more later. These posts are lame too & I feel bad, but I'm stubborn, so I'll carry on.

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