Monday, December 22, 2014

Quick List of What I'd Rather Be Doing

(than working on this translation)

I would love to be...

... watching fun movies with my family or with my husband;

... playing games with K and the boys in the living room floor, next to the Christmas tree;

... reading the many good books I've bought in the past years and haven't had time to read;

... baking a cake or cookies (nah, we're not really the cookie baking kind!) or something yummy;

... backing up all the 2 years worth of photos that are hostage to iPhoto in my Macbook Pro (I really need to do that soon! For peace of mind!!)

... sitting in the living room listening to Christmas music and looking at our tree;

... shopping for a few more things (like a Christmas tablecloth for our table -- why don't I order it online? NAH, too late, probably more expensive than at Ross or TJMaxx)

... pretty much ANYTHING except for organizing the garage (hahahaha!) which is something that NEEDS to be done, but it's so cold in there! And I dread the idea of doing it... Sigh...

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