Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Driving Back Home

I wish we could stay longer, but K wanted to go back home ASAP because we simply have way too much to do there.

In addition, I think we just stayed at the most expensive hotel we ever paid for -- 163 per night, for two nights (we have stayed at fancy places like the Hyatt in Cambridge, MA in the past, but it was paid by K's employer, or at expensive hotels for conference going). The Orlando area is extremely crowded right now, so prices are inflated, obviously.

Thankfully it was a great hotel -- one of the reasons why we decided to pay the steep rate -- everything else was really iffy and bad and not even that cheap (70, 90).

Sorry for the boring post! We have over 12 hours on the road ahead of us. I'll probably blog some on the way.

P.S. I went to bed at 3 am after talking to my cousin for nearly two hours. So worth it!

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