Thursday, December 25, 2014

I'm Raising Amazing Sons (for real! ;-)

They just said they didn't want to eat a cookie and continued to eat baby carrots instead during our trip (and I routinely have to throw out -- months later! -- their candy stashes that come from school on Valentine's Day or other holidays), but that's not what I want to share. (And I need to add that they can devour huge amounts of ice-cream even though they don't care for most other desserts and most kinds of candy). 

That's all awesome, but last week they blew me away and made me realize that they're learning most of our thrifty ways just by our interactions regarding money since they were little. 

I was having a conversation with them about our upcoming trip to Florida on our way to the dentist and I explained to them that maybe, if they wanted, we could go to one park, such as Busch Gardens (to go on roller coasters) and they immediately replied in unison:

"No, we don't want to go, we want to save that money!"

"I won't go," said emphatically my ten year old, "I don't want to go!"

And his older brother again said we shouldn't spend all that money and save it instead! 

Of course right now Kelvin has a clear agenda: he wants to buy a new computer (which he wants to build himself), so he can be a Youtuber and do "Let's Play" videos and other things. (He just looked over my shoulder and helped me edit this part -- he loves reading about himself on my blog! And also making sure I get things right!  ;-)

In any case, I was beyond thrilled when I heard their reaction. They are keenly aware of the value of money and they know how much it costs to go to one of those parks! We did take them to Magic Kingdom back in December 2011 and they enjoyed it (even though they have never seen any Disney movie and didn't even know who most characters walking around the park were! ;-), but they know that money is always tight for our family and they think it could have a better use.

Not bad for 10 & 12 year olds, right? I love my awesome boys! 

Besides, they are amazing travelers (trained for long distance travel since newborns!) who can handle 10-11 hours in the car doing only gas/bathroom stops!

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