Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bokeh and Other Crazy Light Experiments with a Christmas Tree!

A few days ago I decided I was going to try to take some "bokeh" photos with the Xmas tree. I can't believe I've had the DSLR camera for nearly three years sand haven't set out to do that yet! :-(

In the end, I just played with the camera for a bit and took some random (no settings adjusted) bokeh like the ones that follow (I have no idea how my very first one came out b&w and pretty good):
 This was taken by my husband:
He took over and not only figured out how to take some nice shots, but also had a lot of fun playing with the lights.This is the original view of the Christmas tree, surrounded by blue & white LED lights around the window.
 And these are two of the bokeh versions:
And then he began to move the camera around with fascinating results!
 The most intriguing thing is how the LED lights become dotted sometimes!
 And soft and straight at other times (this is one of my absolute favorites!!):
 Then dotted again:
 Cool, huh?
 He's the "real" photographer, I don't know anything, really. ;-)

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jo(e) said...

That last one is really cool.