Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The 2014 Photo Post is Taking Forever!

And I'm worried that I still need to write 4 posts, to I have to write this "throwaway one" ;-)

I wanted to be playing games with my family, but here I am, pursuing this silly project. It's fun, though... looking through all the photos of the year and trying to pick the best each month.

Kelvin isn't playing with dad & younger brother either because he's fiddling with the computer, obviously!

OK, back to the photos!

Oh, and we were able to talk to our families in Brazil, my mom called and K's mom called on skype and we talked to her and to K4, the brother who will be missing our half-family reunion next week. K3 is in Texas and K2 is there in Brazil too, in the same amazing beach where we were last year. 

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