Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year in Review 2 - The Busiest Year Yet?

As this year ends K & I despair at the thought that there aren't enough minutes in the day to do all we need to do. :-( We truly don't know how we'll manage next year. K thinks that the only solution is to have a very strict schedule and "time budget" (and my therapist wholeheartedly agree). Let's see if we can manage to do that.

In addition, this was certainly the busiest year ever for our boys so far, particularly for Kelvin! In 6th grade he started playing in the bell choir and had practice two afternoons a week, but now in 7th grade he is also in robotics, so he spends 4 days a week in school from 8:15 am to 5 pm -- poor guy! Then on Mondays and Thursdays he has 1h30 of soccer practice after that (for 9-10 weeks in the Fall and late springs) and piano lessons on Wednesdays! His younger brother only lacks the two afternoons in bell choir because he's in another robotics team and also has soccer, but next year he'll probably be in the bell choir as well... sigh...

We were busy even in the summer (K always works summers doing research in the lab anyway) after I started the translation project and we were also busy with guests.

I did have a WAY BETTER Fall semester than the two previous years (when I was teaching at U#2 5 days a week) because I had Fridays off, but I was still horribly busy, especially because I had a "disaster class" at U#1 that stressed me out big time.

I hope 2015 won't be so horribly busy, but I doubt it!

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