Wednesday, December 31, 2014

20th Anniversary Celebration - Post 3 (the Spa)

Post 1, Post 2

The highlight of our anniversary celebration was spending several hours at the spa. We couldn't afford any treatments or massages, but we were able to use the saunas and other water & relaxation facilities for a day and that was pretty lovely!

The only downside was that the indoor facilities were for men and women, so we weren't together, so we did plan to spend a good 45 minutes reading (K read a book & I read "fancy" magazines, Vogue & Travel) and sipping tea in the co-ed lounge. Here are some photos of that lovely room I took on our last morning there:
We were sitting on these two chairs:
I hope we'll get to do this again in the future. The only other downside (in addition to being separated in the saunas) was that the "spa music"began to get on our nerves! ;-)

I think this will be the last anniversary post because I don't want to give much more identifying information!

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