Monday, December 22, 2014

The Holiday/Vacation Spoiler or maybe Destroyer

Forgive me... sad rant ahead, feel free to skip entirely. 
I hope to resume regularly scheduled programming shortly! If I can! :-(

Yesterday the boys and I woke up at 10 am (we'd arrived home at 1 am) and I milled around all day and didn't do much. Most certainly not the translation.

Today, I was a bit more productive, I put away all the clothes and stuff at the foot of my bed. Cleaned up some the old exams, papers and books in the office floor. Cleaned the dining room getting it ready for a crafts project that I did NOT start. Sigh...

And after tons of procrastination  -- which included over an hour fiddling with the 'year in review' thingy on evil facebook (I ended up emailing myself a bunch of photos from both of my computers to make the thingy more inclusive of this year's best moments, since I do not post a lot on facebook, only during the world cup) -- I began working on the translation an hour ago.

And I resent this project/job/mercenary pursuit mightily. I basically hate it! And I know I won't be done for a couple more months, probably!

It is precisely what I knew it would  be -- a holiday spoiler. A vacation killer.

BLAH. But we need the money. Desperately so (it's precisely what we owe in our credit card since we bought the car).

So I'll carry on. resentful and upset, but carry on I will. While my husband continues working on his infinite to do list: grant application review, meetings with collaborators, recommendation letters to countless students [only a few done], grade reviews and emailing students, trying to work on publishing (that will never end, sigh...), etc, etc.

And did I mention that we need to do tons of things around the house to have it in moderate shape for guests in January? Oh, and the guests come during the first week of work for us?


I hope the 5-6 days in Florida will be good to us. The only rest during the holidays. TOO BAD we need to drive 11-14 hours to enjoy them!

Sorry for the whiny post. Like I said, I will try to work so I can write more fun stuff later.

P.S. my husband was away all day on campus and I screamed at the boys all day long trying to get them off the computer or ipads to eat, to help me, to just not be there. And now they're going to play a board game or two. But I can't do that. Obviously.

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