Tuesday, December 30, 2014

That was all the sea we got to see in FL :-(

We ALWAYS go to the beach when we come to Florida with our family.

We go any time of the year: August (2006), November (Thanksgiving Day 2010 - link later), December-January (2008, 2011), July (2014).

We go even if only for a few hours....

Even if only by parking the packed car by the sea and digging our swimsuits out of the suitcases as we did on Christmas Eve in 2011 before heading to our family's rental house in Orlando.

Back in July we got to go twice! 

It's a treat that we really enjoy, since we live hundreds of miles from the ocean. However, this was a quick trip focused on spending time with loved ones we don't see very often and, in some cases, hadn't seen in years!

So this was all the ocean we got to see, from the 7th floor of a Daytona Beach resort. We didn't even get to step on the sand. :-(
Oh well... That's ok. People are more important than enjoying a beach!

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