Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What He Truly Misses

And here's one from the seven-year-old.

But first, the news ('cause we're an NPR listening family): Grandma arrived safely in the U.S. this morning and is getting everything ready for the big move South. We'll see her next week and enjoy as much as we can of the pool in her apartment complex.

So, as we were driving to the Philadelphia Zoo this morning for a school trip (more on that later, if I find the time), we were discussing grandma's arrival and how sad that grandpa wasn't here as well. Then I asked Kelvin "So, you miss (paternal) grandpa a lot, right?"

"No, I miss the airplane and Brazil."

Yeah, I'd forgotten that flying on a jet plane is way more exciting than one's grandpa. And of course I'm glad to know that Brazil is pretty cool too! :-)

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