Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finally! The Possibility of a Girl in K's Family!!

Great news! Our family (on K's side) has another niece of nephew on the way, due in late July next year. And now all the bets are on to whether it's going to be a boy or girl!! Remember: my mother-in-law has four sons and five grandsons already. The pressure is on.

If my sister-in-law decides to find out the sex of the baby only at the birth we're all going to explode! She alluded to this possibility when we visited them in Montreal two weeks ago -- I don't know if she said that seriously or jokingly. I guess she must have been joking, though... It's her decision, I know, so... well, I'll just try to contain myself.

While we were visiting I found it a little strange that SIL slept most of Friday afternoon and I made a comment to K that maybe she wasn't pregnant, but, given her already normal need for lots of sleep, that in all likelihood she would spend most of her pregnancy sleeping. :-) See, I kind of suspected already!

How exciting!!! Another baby!! I've already packed these two books (which I got to review here, courtesy of Mother Talk) and put them in the car to go to MA, where we'll see BIL and SIL in only 10 days. And I'm already dreaming of buying cute girl clothes. Now... if it's a boy, D, my oldest SIL, already has several boxes of the cutest baby and toddler boy clothes saved for M (who requested it years ago). This past June the three of us actually opened all the boxes and went through the clothes and M was quite happy with them. D has already said, though, that if it's a girl, she's going to buy our niece a pink carseat and stroller and I support that idea wholeheartedly! D and I always wanted daughters and if we have a niece we'll just go CRAZEEEE!

This new development makes us want to remain here in the North so we can enjoy this newest member of the family more, given that right now we're the closest family members to K4 and M, his wife. See, I'm quite sad that I have only seen my youngest nephew once, when he was 1 month old :-(, but what can we do... Hmmm, maybe those two positions that K is applying to in Montreal are not such a bad idea after all... :-D

On the other hand, the news makes me feel sad because my brother and his wife have been trying to conceive for over a year now, and nothing so far... My SIL is actually undergoing the first stages of fertility treatment. I'm sure they're going to feel a pang of sadness when they hear the news about K4 and M's pregnancy. It seems that everything in our lives lately has a tinge of sadness to it. Perhaps this is what it's going to be from now on, we're really "grown ups" now and we have to deal with our aunts and uncle's illnesses (my uncle's condition remains the same) and begin to think about caring for our parents in the years to come. Sigh. That's life... births and deaths, happiness and sadness.

I'm truly glad for K4 and M, though. He started his new job only two weeks ago and that's why they had just started trying -- lucky fellows, got it on the very first try! Now of course we need to hope it's a healthy pregnancy and that everything continues on as planned. My first nephew/niece never came to be because my SIL D, K2's wife, miscarried at 8 weeks, right after our Christmas together in 2002, on New Year's Eve. This child would have been only around 18 months younger than Kelvin. I pray that everything goes well for M. And this is going to be one cute kid, I'm sure!

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Rene said...

Yay for a cousin closer to baby "I's" age! Your boys are cool and all, but "I" will probably just get on their nerves for the first few years. But maybe I'm wrong. We'll see in January!