Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Driving South towards... A hurricane? (edited!)

We have dear friends in Florida and every couple of years we like to visit them. I was already blogging when we started this "tradition," so I can actually add links for personal reference!

1) The first trip was in August 2006 (here's the announcement and some photos of the boy, the sea and the sunset -- we did lots, went to a water park and to Sea world and to the beach a lot!);
2) in December 2008 we had a nice winter trip, but I was overwhelmed by my University of Phoenix gig and didn't post any more.
3) In November 2010 we spent "Thanksgiving at the Beach" after a Star Wars marathon watching and a visit to Sea World!
4) The fourth, and last, was K's family "reunion" holidays in Orlando in 2011-2, we went to the beach, to Disney (1 park, 1 day) and enjoyed time with family in a house with a pool!
The best trips are when we go come in the Winter and get to enjoy lovely warm weather, but we don't mind going coming in the summer, especially because our friends live near very nice beaches (photos here - I'll add later).

When we planned this trip we never imagined that maybe we won't get to enjoy the beach because there's a storm headed to FL! :-(
edited to add: it seems like hurricane Arthur is going up the coast headed North, YAY!

It will still be lovely to see our friends, though! After all we're traveling to see them and so I can spend my birthday with one of my best friends and her family!

I'm hoping we can still get to use all those beach clothes we packed, though! Let's see what happens!

P.S. after editing the post and adding links I'm convinced that we'll "have" to go to Sea World once more. Both boys can ride the roller coasters now, I think!

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Heidi said...

Oh, stay safe! Sounds like you could have an adventure on your hands.