Monday, July 21, 2014

We're Going Green(er)!!! After All, we're not very Fit anyway! ;-)

I'm so excited! 

We're buying a Prius -- which we thought we couldn't afford -- and we're going to save so much on gas! And be a bit greener too!  

We saw a shiny, fairly new Fit (2010) with only 21,000 miles, but it was more than we wanted to pay (13K). The 2008 Prius has 75,000 miles, but it's only 11K, precisely what we'd planned to spend! YAY!!! 

I'll post a photo tomorrow -- it's blue, not my favorite color (green, rare on cars), at least it's colorful!! I hope the boys will like it! I'm sooooo excited! It's so fancy, all computerized. 

Welcome to the future, right!!? If only we could afford a Tesla! ;-) we spent a fun time looking at them at the super fancy mall when we were in "Mickey Mouth" in Florida on my birthday -- that wast husband's smart silly joke, can you guess the town's name?  

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