Thursday, July 17, 2014

From Gates to Jobs & back to Gates

Last week we finally broke down and bought a desktop computer -- our second Dell and our third desktop ever, the first one was a Gateway that we bought in 1998 and used for eight years! Our old Dell from 2006 was obsolete and had become useless since it couldn't go online after we moved to this house in 2011 (there's no phone jack in our office!).

After buying my very first Macbook Pro back in 2012 I thought that our new computer would be an iMac, but unfortunately we can't afford that. In addition, after two years as a Mac user, but not a Mac "convert," I was becoming increasingly frustrated with my inability to back up my photos (I still have 25,000+ photos that I have to dig from the dungeon that is iPhoto in my macbook and save into an external hard-drive and to another computer -- ARGH!!).

I enjoy a lot of features of the macs and I'm addicted to my iPhone, but, ultimately, I still prefer to use a desktop over a laptop (much more ergonomic and easier to type, etc) and we desperately needed a new computer in the house now that the boys are into Minecraft (we're very late adopters into most everything! ;-), so... back to PC-land!

I will confess that working on this desk with this old monitor again does bring some unpleasant flashbacks of those crazy dissertating days (hey, YEARS!)  from 2005-6 and 2008! The worst part, I suppose is that I still feel 100% like I would do it all over again!! Sigh...

Because of this latest project I will probably spend lots of time sitting at this desk and typing in this keyboard in the next week or two, so I think I'll have many more feedbacks. The truth is that I really really missed working on a desktop in these past three years! I had an iMac in my office at U#2 and I used it as often as I could, but I was pretty much tethered to the macbook at home.

I still want to own an iMac, but I don't see us being able to afford one any time soon. Sigh...

OK, last, but not least, I suppose my fondness for desktops can be compared to my preference for books over e-readers (not that I've ever used a Kindle), but I suppose that's a pretty uneven comparison. Gotta go do some more translating now!

P.S. hopefully now I will be able to post more photos. And let's see if I'll miss Apple!!

P.S.2 I had some trouble installing Office, but I must say that Microsoft's customer support is pretty stellar! And I don't think I ever have to pay extra for it, like with Apple Care. Ha! I'm sure I'll come back to this subject again, should I create a label for that?

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