Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I had to create a new label for this post -- translating!

I suppose it's because in the past 10 years since I started blogging I didn't do whole a lot of translations whereas in graduate school I translated  and interpreted a lot through a center in my university. I am not a certified translator, but I have lots of experience from those years translating professionally and think I do a pretty good job (sorry about the lack of modesty!).

I needed to share this here because in the next few weeks, possibly even months, I have a HUGE translation job to accomplish. This local company contacted my department at the university many months ago and the chair gave them my email address so we began to talk about this project. We met, I gave them a quote and they decided to give me the job.

So, it turns out that I'll have a "summer job" that I'm hoping won't extend too much into the semester or else I'll go crazy! And I also hope that the IRS doesn't keep too big a chunk of the sum I am going to be paid... yeah, they'll probably keep a few thousand. :-( 

(I totally don't mind paying taxes, but it's way easier when they're taken from your pay check and don't have to be paid by myself as will be the case with this freelance project, sigh...)

I haven't started the project yet, but I will soon. It's hundreds of pages of a very technical user's manual. Wish me luck!


Heidi said...

You'll do an awesome job! That's so cool you have a "summer job" after all.

Rene said...

This sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear more about it!