Tuesday, July 08, 2014

South American, European or Mixed World Cup Final?

I love the World Cup, but some negative interactions I had on the Facebook chat (messenger) on the eve of my birthday left a bitter taste in my mouth (it was this childish 60 year old guy from Church married to a Colombian lady who knows nothing about soccer and yet took upon himself to harass & annoy me insisting that Brazil had "robbed" Colombia... Sigh... I should just block this guy!).

Brazil, Germany, Argentina & the Netherlands are the four teams left in the World Cup, so there are three options for a final: all-European: Germany vs. Netherlands; all-South American: Brazil vs. Argentina or a mixed final with either of them. 

We'll see how Brasil (that's the Portuguese spelling) will do today! I'm pretty nervous! And I'm also leery of watching games on a hotel room! Back in 2010 we were in a hotel in Atlanta & Brasil lost to the Netherlands! :-( I hope it won't happen again today! It's not the same hotel chain, let's see if that helps!!

I don't know if I can enjoy posting on Facebook during this game if I don't block that guy... Sigh...

Wish us luck! ;-)

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