Friday, July 18, 2014

Better Fit than Not, right? Car shopping adventures begin!

I briefly mentioned earlier this month that we're having trouble with our old minivan, so I wanted to do an update and let you know that we're actually car shopping right now, sigh...

We decided (last year, in fact) to buy a Fit & later on save to buy a Prius since we need  to cars -- for now we'll keep using the Hyunday Accent that we bought in 2012 & I never blogged about 'cause I needed to take a photo! I suppose we'll be done with the bigger cars for several reasons (mostly cost) and we will all miss our dear old Odyssey like crazy! :-(

K saw a car 1h30 from here last night and we're scheduled to see another one a little closer in about an hour. This guy put this car on Craigslist last night and he has FOUR people to see it today*, so... yeah, I don't know what our chances are. Maybe it's not meant to be! I'll keep you posted!

* It seems like today is not our day, right? We also got this mysterious letter from the IRS indicating something may be wrong (like we didn't pay our taxes -- WHAT?!). I'm freaking out thinking "identity theft." Hopefully it's nothing!

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