Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kennedy Space Center Visit - Photo post!

Because I really love to have photo posts, but hardly ever get around to it!

When we were in Florida, instead of going to a theme or a water park we decided to go to Kennedy Space Center - KSC, and it was awesome! I don't know if you're into space exploration & NASA or not, but I've always enjoyed it.

It was the third visit to KSC for K & I (1993, 1997 were the previous ones) and it's changed considerably every time! The relatively new Atlantis exhibit is really awesome.

We also visited the Houston NASA back in 1999 with K's younger brothers and LOVED seeing them build the International Space Station -- back then Brazil was involved too! Now it's no longer one of the countries... :-( -- and train for assembling it in that HUGE pool. Apparently visitors no longer get to see the pool, good thing we saw it back then!!

OK, without further ado, the photos:
 I was not supposed to take this next photo!
 One of the launching stations they lease to SpaceX & others:
 Did you know that this building is so huge (the largest one floor structure in the world!) that if they don't control the humidity and temperature in there, clouds can form and it can RAIN inside!!!!
My boys, Kel's profile:
 The boy that likes to make faces!
 The control room for the first Apollo mission (if I'm not mistaken):
 The Saturn rocket (can't remember the number)
We had lunch and then went outside for some hot air! ;-)
At the back of the building, these weird ugly looking birds (vultures?) love to gather:
 On the way back we see the Atlantis exhibit building:
Before you get to "meet" Atlantis, you see lots of great photos such as this:
 Here it is!
 A scale model:
 Actual size of the rockets & fuel!
 We spent the rest of the time watching the IMAX movies and some of the other exhibits (some of which are pretty weak). Good thing it only rained while we were seeing the movies! I spite of the rain I wanted a photo of this depiction of the Space Station:
 We all enjoyed the visit!

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