Sunday, July 27, 2014

Translating is Mind-Numblingly Boring... ;-)

warning: word repetition for emphasis below. Is that better or worse than ALL CAPS? I hate caps, I suppose it's because I can't stand anyone screaming with me. Not that I don't ever scream with my kids... Sigh...

Well, translating is very time consuming and very very hard and when the text is really really long and dry and technical, it's just boring! :-(

And I still have hundreds of pages to go and only one more full week of vacation without travel (two more with travel -- don't know how I'll translate then, since I much prefer to use the desktop).

I absolutely dread the thought of having to drag this project throughout the semester, but I think it's the only way I will finish and get paid!

I need to admit that this is still WAY better work than the online teaching for University of Phoenix associate Axia College (and it pays way better).

I just need to persevere (because the project is simply way too long) and try not to fall asleep at my chair as I try to consistently translate words such as "intended," "required," "rules, regulations, guidelines," "maintenance, repair," etc. and hundreds of technical terms!

P.S. I feel like eating a very decadent and unhealthy treat. Preferably something with lots of condensed milk and chocolate and maybe berries? Even if I had the ingredients to make such a concoction I just don't have the time!! AAAARGH! (I'm OK with using caps for interjections! Like BLAH! or WOW! ;-) )

Edited to add that my brain isn't working right! ;-) I originally titled this Mind-Mindbogglingly Boring (see the URL) by accident, changed it to Mind-Bogglingly later and now, 8:13 pm I realized that I actually meant to write/say "mind-numblingly" boring!! Sigh...


Heidi said...

You'll make it through! And I know the paycheck will be a boost. You have my sympathies though!

Rene said...

I did some essay grading for an external source last semester, and this also got pretty tedious. The thing that helped me most was having a specific deadline and working backwards from that to create a schedule for myself. I pushed the deadline up a few days to give myself a cushion, and then set a quota for each day.

Also, go buy some treats for yourself for later. :)