Friday, March 23, 2007

Sunset at the Beach (again)

Many of you have already seen these photos in a post I wrote last September, "The Boy, the Sea, and the Sunset," but I wanted to test this slide show feature by BubbleShare and this was the album I already had there. As a bonus, you get to see more photos since the earlier post featured 8 and now there are 30. Enjoy while it's up because I'm thinking of pulling it down in a little while because anyone could get this and post it and I don't like that idea... So I may have to look for another site...

Edited to Add: I opened the comments. I have no idea why they weren't open. For those too lazy to click on the link above (I'm looking at you Keiko), these photos were taken during our trip to Florida last September in Flagler Beach, Florida.

This album is powered by BubbleShare

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