Monday, June 30, 2014

An Automotive "Sign"

You guys know that we own very very old cars. In fact, we're nearly "famous" for our old cars -- our mechanic says we are the clients who own the oldest cars of his whole clientele and that he actually does tell some clients about us (in positive terms, as in, "I know these people who have these old cars and they're fine!" ;-)

In any case, after driving all the way to South Carolina and then back up to Philadelphia with our beat up Honday Odyssey (292K miles!), we had decided to risk it and to drive to Florida with it. Thankfully, on Thursday we had a "sign" that this would not be a good idea!

The car has been making a strange "weak engine" noise when the air conditioning is on and we stop at intersections. When we turn off the AC the engine returns to normal. Last week, however, I turned off the AC but then the car died. When I restarted the engine now it was making that noise and feeling like it was going to die during normal driving (except on the highway when it was perfectly fine). It was a bit scary! It died a couple more times on Friday, so we decided we can't risk it and are renting a car to drive to Florida...

Oh well, it's better be safe than sorry, right? I'm excited we're going to Florida!! We'll visit friends and go to the beach. YAY!

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Heidi said...

Oh, have fun!! I'm glad you didn't take your car on the trip. It will be much less stressful. And great job getting so many miles out of your car!!