Friday, February 10, 2012

Tidbits of Acute Inarticulateness

  • I am just loving my "job" right now, but I can't really articulate my thoughts about it at the moment. Because it's complicated, this adjuncting gig-thing, as Anastasia says it always so well -- (I want to come back and blog about that post, BTW).
  • I'm slightly stressed out but wildly excited about our South Africa trip. 
  • The mommy thing. It's hard.  HARD! I cherish & adore my sons, really, I do, but it's so involved, this parenting gig, especially the piano practicing and the homework and what with the constant bickering and fighting. I don't swear, ever, but this "iconoclastic" Pulp Fiction-style* post by Jo** is pretty fantastic and may be shocking if you think that parenting is this holy sanctimonious institution.*** 
  • I'm falling in love with my house too & need to write about it, but I'm afraid can't be sufficiently articulate for good blog post.
  • I'm deeply into an Asian food phase: cooked very first Thai vegetable curry two weeks ago, had sushi, miso, Asian noodles overdose two weekends ago with large group of friends, cooked sushi again last week (! have to blog 'em!); & you already know I'm craving & drinking tons of chai (post coming up later today).
  • I miss Brazil and don't miss it at the same time. Can't articulate that either. How frustrating! The good thing is that I'm perfectly happy with how I feel about it. Weird, no? That's why I can't write about it either.
  • Oh, this and that other thing are totally complicating a whole lot my feelings about the first item above. I don't want to feel exploited. I CAN'T! And in a sense those things make me exploited if I don't have a real deal (job) but get these perks here and there. HUGE SIGH. 
  • Edited to add: My eye trouble came back. It's mild, I'm being careful, but I'm upset and, understandably, I can't talk about it because of that. :(
There's one place that I seem to be super articulate now, thankfully: when writing emails and guided reading questions for my students. Maybe that's why I love my job? I feel articulate & pretty capable?

P.S. and I'm getting addicted to Pinterest & writing lots there too. NOT GOOD. One more thing to add to my horrible and incurable (because I don't want to be cured) internet addiction.

from the queen of the footnotes to you, my dear friend!
* When many years ago I told my brother that I'd seen Pulp Fiction and loved it -- up to a certain point, obviously -- he was astounded. 
** Who came back to blogging, YAY, Jo!
*** She blogged about people getting upset about it here the very next day.

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Rene said...

Thanks for introducing me to Jo's blog. I think I love her.