Monday, February 06, 2012

Off with the fluff/ To-Do List!

I don't know how/why I left that post there for so long... it's true, or was true, but it's a bit embarrassing, I think. whatever...

the truth is that I embarrass myself more often than I'd like. A place I do that A LOT is in other people's blog's comment sections.

truth is, my brain's too tired to think up & write intelligent & coherent blog posts. All posts I can think of writing are "fluffy" so... I may throw a few more at you just to keep this blog going. Not that much goes on here.

One non-fluff stuff I can say is that my to-do lists are so big that I just haven't been able to finish them and I'm getting really nervous about the big trip coming up next month. I really NEED (I'd written want, it's NOT want!) to be all caught up with grading and everything I need to take care of before we travel to South Africa.

Ha!! there's nothing less fluffy in the world than a matter-of-fact to do list. And I'll get to come and cross out the items with the date of completion (which is a bit fluffy, but, whatever....!)

Lilian's To-Do List before March 2, 2012

- Finish filling up travel authorization form for conference and submit it to dept; 2/7/12
- Submit book receipts from last semester for reimbursement; 2/7/12
- Buy plane tickets to conference at the end of March; 2/7/12 (night)
- Become a member of Professional Organization and register for conference; 2/7/12 (night)
- Finish re-reading book I'm writing my paper on; around 2/9/12
- Order film based on book (it's being released before the conference, YAY!) & watch it (again) to help write paper;
- Write paper (IMP: start before I get the film) and prepare presentation;
- Finish reading book from panel and see the corresponding movie before it's not in theaters anymore (I'm afraid I won't have time to do the last part! :( ); (2 am, 2/21/12)
- Decide dates of trip to Brazil & "buy" award travel tickets for boys -- do that ASAP!!; Woo-Hoo!! It worked out!! 02/25/12
- Get documents notarized & mail the paperwork for L's Brazilian passport (ASAP too!);
- Be up to date with the grading;
- Clean and organize endless piles of paper in my office (probably won't get done).

If I remember anything else, I'll come edit this list. I should probably be able to cross out at least one item by the end of the night. Maybe.

P.S. feel free to email me if you're curious to know which books & films I'm talking about!

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