Wednesday, February 01, 2012

P'Interesting -- and my Dream Destination

So, yeah... today, after I read my friend's Anjali's post, I went ahead and logged back into Pinterest after a couple of months not going there.

Then, I began to pin photos of my UTMOST "Dream Destination" (The Havasupai Reservation, close to the Grand Canyon National Park where the amazingly blue Havasu river flows, falling into four spectacular waterfalls.

It all started one day back in 2006 when I was supposed to be hard at work on my dissertation. I "needed" to take some time off, so I spent HOURS day-dreaming over this Flickr set posted by Jessica/"Crunchy Girl" May of 2006. I would post some photos to this post, giving full credit to Jessica (and I have been wanting to do just that for nearly 4 years), however, I don't feel comfortable simply saving her photos and posting them here as I've done with random internet photos in the past. That's why I didn't do it in the past 6 years (I always thought I should send her a message and ask permission, blah, blah, blah).

Well, a few minutes ago, I pinned several of her photos, and... low and behold!... within SECONDs tens, almost hundreds of people were liking and re-pinning my pins. I hope Jessica doesn't mind!! But I do feel a bit guilty.

This just demonstrates that Pinterest is something that people definitely "dig" nowadays... is it just a fad, though? I also pinned some recipes today, it's easier than writing full blog posts about thinks I like online.

Am I officially hooked? I don't think so, but I'm definitely p'interested! ;)

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