Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too much talking, very little action

In the end, I wrote that I was going to edit past posts, and I never did it! I should have done it without a "warning" because when I went back, trying to find those mistakes, I couldn't anymore. I know they're all there, but now I'm not so keen on looking for them anyway... Sigh.

Life continues to be crazy-busy and I don't know how it's going to be next week before our trip. The boys have their Social Studies fair (to which a large part of the work needs to be done by a parent, or at least all the checking that the boys have fulfilled all requirements). In fact, I shouldn't be writing this post, I should be making homemade playdough so my son could build his "island" tomorrow with mountains, lakes, hills, etc. You know... I feel it'd be easy just to buy playdough or use everything we have stashed somewhere so he wouldn't have to paint it all later. Would that be cheating? Maybe I'll call his teacher tomorrow morning. :(

In any case... I just thought I'd say hi. I want to post older photos, particularly of foods, but these resolutions never seem to come true. Let's see!

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