Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My New Sweet Obsession

I know it may sound lame because it's made with decaf black tea (with added red rooibos tea) and because I'm using almond milk (should I try a non-dairy creamer in my chai if I want to keep it vegan? suggestions appreciated), but...

It is really delicious. If you're not a big coconut fan (I only like coconut on certain things), I must say that you can barely taste the coconut that they've added to this particular blend and it has just the right spiciness and body. I drank a lot of chai in Florida (this one, provided by my SIL, thanks!), but I'm not used to caffeine and had headaches for a few days at the end of our week there, so I need to drink decaf chai. I know Tazo sells it too, and I'm planning to check it out.

I'm actually buying the spices to try to make chai from scratch. I'll try to blog that if I do it, OK? Meanwhile, I have a lot of grading to do for tomorrow, so I should probably go make some of it right now!


kate said...

Oooh, do blog it (with recipe, please!)

Melessa said...

That looks delicious!

(By the way, I owe you an answer from several weeks ago. They couldn't do my LASIK because one of my corneal walls was too thin.)