Thursday, February 16, 2012

23 lovely comments...

... that was what I got on the day I defended my dissertation: April 16, 2008.

I was just browsing through the blog archives and I came to that post. Wow... it was so amazing to have so many people sharing my triumph that day. I get emotional just thinking about it. Two of those commenters were already my friends (Lucy & Keiko) and I already knew Libby since 2000. As for the other blogging friends who commented, I got to meet five in person: diber, Articulate Dad, Rocket Mom, Jo(e) and Scrivener.

I still want very much to meet everyone else, although I'm no longer in touch with Prisca & Jennie and I don't know if they still read. I hope I get to meet M, Aliki, Jody, Tracy, Dawn, and Prof Mama (no longer blogging under that name, brave friend) and Alice and Kate in Europe.

I'm sorry for not including links... it would take too long and most of you  know who you (and the others) are.

Blogging is amazing and it brought so many dear friends into my life! Thank you for being there and also for sharing your life with me in your blog as well.

P.S. and I acknowledged my blogging friends in my dissertation too, remember?

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