Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Day Gift (to myself!)

Last year I leisurely read my favorite Jane Austen novel on Valentine's Day, but this year I took a different approach. I decided to go to my very first "real" yoga class (i.e. in a yoga studio, not a fitness class at the university, where most of the classes are taught by undergraduate students).

I chose this particular studio and teacher because last July she was a substitute teacher one day and I thought that was the most perfect class I'd ever had, the first time I was doing "real" yoga. This semester, I'm enjoying the instructors I have at the university (I take classes two days a week), the Yoga II one is really good (the others not so much), but I wish I could try to go to this studio to have a third class each week.

I really loved it, too bad it was a lunch-time class that only lasted one hour (I shouldn't even complain about that because at the university the classes only last 50 minutes because it's lunch time too).

I did go out to lunch and then frozen yogurt with my dear (and cute)* husband afterwards, but the yoga class was the highlight of my day! I wanted to watch this (which I got for Christmas), but I have to prepare to teach tomorrow! :(

*OK, I have to share this silly thing. K is still kind of puzzled as to why I think it's so cute, and even I can't explain it, but I just think it is. Here's what happened... he turned to me last Friday and said, "Hey, I listened to the song that won the Grammy, and it's nice!" And I -- really puzzled -- responded, "What do you mean, by 'won the Grammy'? The Grammy is on Sunday!" And now he was confused and said, "I don't know, then maybe it's the song that's going to win the Grammy." "Is it by Adele?" I asked, and then I got really excited because I like Adele and I immediately opened a couple of videos for him to watch online and he confirmed that it was "Rolling in the Deep" that he'd heard and liked. I just thought it was so cute of him to be so clueless both about the Grammy Awards and Adele! At least he has good taste, right? (look who he chose to marry! ;) -- silly joke, fit for VD, though!

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