Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anxiously Waiting...

... for this month's credit card earned miles to post to my mileage account so I can schedule the boys' flights to Brazil.

It's complicated because the travel grant I was awarded. Since I'm traveling with my sons, who are flying with miles, I need to book their flights first.Then, I'll contact the university to let them know which flight their travel agent should book for me, since they'll be paying for my trip. However, before they can purchase my ticket, I need to have my travel authorization form approved and I haven't even filled that because I don't know the boys' travel dates and how much my ticket will cost. What a nightmare!

Here's the problem: this process is WAY more involved than I thought it'd be because K could only transfer 15,000 miles to my account and not the nearly 20K that we needed. That brought our total of miles 2K under what we need to book two tickets for the boys. so we had to go ahead and buy K's ticket as well as computer to his mom on our credit card to earn the necessary miles to reach what we needed.

The miles were supposed to have been credited yesterday, but they haven't (YET), so I'm on pins and needles here, obsessively checking the mileage plan website and (yesterday at least) and the credit card site. I hope everything works out smoothly. I really need to have this trip all figured out so I can stop feeling anxious about it.


And that's just ONE of the many things that has been in my thoughts lately. That's why it's hard to blog... I have way too many things to obsess worry about.

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