Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's OBVIOUS that a roaring Samba wouldn't win!!!

I will say one thing about the Oscars... I thought it was ridiculous that only TWO songs were nominated for best songs -- the only "Brazilian Oscar nod" this year (Rio's "Real in Rio"), but when I googled the question, Rolling Stone magazine had the answer (two many songs initially nominated -- 39, so only two got enough votes to make the cut).

In any case, Real in Rio isn't even the best song in Rio (my sons were listening to the soundtrack in Spotify everyday two weeks ago), but it is one with pretty authentic samba drumming and rhythm. So... yeah, OF COURSE it wouldn't win!!

"Am I a Man or a Muppet?" is feels WAY more familiar and American (thus comforting, and not "the other"), so... of COURSE it was going to win...

Here's a link to a Youtube video of it (embedding disabled).

So... are you a man or a muppet? I prefer to be a Brazilian... ;)

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Zila said...

Pensei da mesma forma. Samba não rola por aqui. Tava na cara. Cultural. Concordo com vc.