Monday, January 30, 2012

Tele-Teaching (?!)

Well, well, well...

I was communicated this morning that next semester I will be "tele-teaching" a class for students at another university in addition to mine here and I was not that excited...actually, when I first heard of the possibility last week, I was positively scared and stressed out.

a quick phone call to my husband changed my mind just a bit ( he argued getting involved with this brand-new development in higher education might be another advantage to me, making me more "indispensable" blah, blah... though I only see it as further sign of my exploitation).

so, yeah... I know very little about this "thing," except from news releases I found online googling the name of the project (which I'm obviously not going to share here). My office-mate (the lovely lady from Iraq) will have to do it too and she already told me that we should receive more compensation for it & I fully agree. I just sent an email to the dept. chair giving her more information about my class (that she'd requested) and I put a line in there about compensation. I'm beginning my slow but sure fight over here, you can count on that.

I'll keep you posted. It's like I always say, there's never a dull moment in my "adventurous life." (sigh)

ha-ha-ha :p


Spanish prof said...

Tele-teaching? I never heard referred to it that way. I would also ask for training on it, otherwise it can become a headache.

Lilian said...

Hi Spanish Prof, I obviously "made up" the name because I didn't want to use the one they're using not to be easily googled.

Spanish prof said...

Ahhh... End of the day, I am really slow. And coming from higher ups, I can believe anything.